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Davis Kids Dentist
Pediatric Dentistry &  Orthodontics

Restorative Pediatric Dentistry
Davis, CA

Composite Dental Fillings

Fillings are used to restore areas of your child's tooth affected by decay. At Davis Kids Dentist we use composite (tooth-colored) materials to "fill in" the surface of the tooth after all decay has been removed. Read More

Crowns on Baby Teeth

A crown is a covering that will wrap and protect the entire surface of a tooth, allowing it to look and function just like the original tooth. Crowns work to strengthen the tooth while protecting the existing structure, extending the life of the tooth longer than it would be with a filling or another restoration. Read More

Pulpotomies and Pulpectomies

Pulpotomies and Pulpectomies involve removal of the decay in the tooth, and subsequent capping with a crown. Read More
1791 Oak Ave #C
Davis, CA 95616-1073
Phone: (530) 756-7516

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