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Early Treatment

Things have changed a lot in the dental industry since we were kids. The orthodontics industry is no exception. Over the last few decades, we have learned that early orthodontic treatment plays a critical role in the long-term oral health of your kids. At Richard A. Mandelaris, DMD Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics we are always doing our best to keep you, and your kid’s mouths in tip-top shape. When we were kids, it was common to be seen by an orthodontist during the teen years. Now, we like to have our first visit with kids at a much earlier age so that we can determine what needs to happen and when.

How Soon can we start?

Many kids benefit greatly from being seen as early as are 6 or 7. The rule of thumb is to be seen when the permanent teeth come in. By seeing your child as soon as permanent teeth start to arrive, we can determine what, if any, orthodontic treatment they might need and when. Many times we find that everything looks fine and they will not end up need orthodontic work for many years, if at all. When we find that your child needs orthodontic work right away, the benefit is tremendous because we can often address problems before they become hard to treat.

Why early treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is important for a few reasons. The best time to do corrective orthodontic work is while the facial structure is still developing. This early period of bone growth allows for easier alteration and healing when treatment is applied. Issues like overcrowding can easily be avoided if we can detect, plan for, and treat them before the structures of the face become less fluid and more rigid. Impacted canines and wisdom teeth can be detected and planned for. We are even able to avoid having to extract teeth in some scenarios, which is a huge benefit to your child.

Preventing Issues Before They Arise

Early orthodontic treatment is often called interceptive orthodontics because it is usually meant to intercept problems as they occur. Before permanent teeth come in it can be easier for us to avoid issues like overcrowding. A common reason that kids often have overcrowding of their teeth is that they don’t have enough room in the arches of their mouth for the large, permanent teeth to fit. The results of early orthodontic treatment often speak for themselves by allowing the patient to have significantly less orthodontic work required later, in the teens, or by allowing them to forgo future orthodontic work altogether.

Two common conditions that require early orthodontic intervention are protruding front teeth and crossbites. These issues can cause the jaw and facial structure to grow incorrectly, which can lead to serious issues in the future. We can prevent this with early orthodontic measures.

Please call us today at (530) 756-7516 to schedule an appointment. Remember, we encourage an appointment for regular cleanings and examinations at least once every six months to keep your mouth happy and healthy!
1791 Oak Ave #C
Davis,CA 95616-1073
Phone: (530) 756-7516

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