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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays at Davis Kids Dentist Oral care is an integral part of maintaining your child's oral health. At Davis Kids Dentist, we strive to provide your child with the best possible care to keep their mouth happy and healthy. As part of our desire to maintain high standards, we stay up to date on the latest dental technology. In order to provide your child with the care they deserve, we take x-rays of their teeth and mouth. However, instead of using traditional x-ray machines, which use radiation and take a significant amount of time to develop in a dark room, we are now using digital x-rays.

How are X-rays Used?

X-rays are an integral part of your child's oral care, and we take them for a variety of reasons. First, they allow us to get an up close and personal look at the inside of your child's mouth, including the invisible parts. X-rays give us a view of the areas between your child's teeth as well as under your gum line and even their jawbone. These images help us to make all kinds of diagnoses, including cavities, impacted teeth, damaged teeth, abscesses, and the condition of your child's jaw.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are similar to traditional x-rays in that they take images of the inside of your child's mouth in order for our dentists to investigate the more inaccessible parts of their mouth. The similarities stop there. Digital x-rays are the latest in dental x-ray technology. Instead of using radiation, this technology relies upon electronics. A sensor is placed in your child's mouth and the images show up on a computer screen immediately.

Digital X-Ray Benefits

Digital x-rays are a vast improvement over traditional x-rays. For one, digital x-rays reduce your child's exposure to radiation by upwards of 90%, which can be a great relief if radiation is a concern to you and your family.

The technology allows for instant images. There is no longer a need to wait while pictures are developed in a dark room. Instead, the images show up almost immediately on a computer screen. This greatly reduces the amount of time your child spends in the office chair, allowing you and your family to get back to your day that much quicker.

With digital x-rays, we can display images side by side, one from your child's previous appointment and one from their latest. In doing this, we can more easily monitor the progression of your child's mouth, both good and bad, including any changes in gums, tooth movement, restorations, and healing from surgery. Images can be enhanced to show the smallest, finest details of your child's mouth. They can be magnified, shown in the negative or display certain parts in different colors.

Any images we take can be saved instantly to a digital file. This way, your child's x-rays can be accessed with ease. We won’t need to waste time digging through a large paper file to find the x-rays we need and we won’t have to worry about the images getting lost or destroyed.

Finally, if your child requires an appointment at another specialist, their x-rays can be transferred right away. You won’t need to worry about holding onto a copy and trying to remember to bring them the next appointment. You also won’t have to worry about ruining or losing them. When you and your child show up to your appointment, the specialist will already have them on file. This also gives the specialist a chance to look them over before your child arrives.

Our goal at Davis Kids Dentist is to provide your family with the highest quality care. In our quest to do so, we have integrated digital X-rays into our practice. Contact us today at (530) 756-7516 for more information.
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1791 Oak Ave #C
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Phone: (530) 756-7516

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